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How to upload an app to the App Store with XCode 4

Last year when Apple introduced the AppLoader application I did a post on how to upload your app to App Store using it (here); since this post gets quite a lot of hits I thought it was about time to post how to upload to the App Store using XCode4.

Create a new application in iTunes connect

First go to iTunes connect and login with your developer account.

Go to “Manage your Applications” and click “Add new App”; fill in your new application’s details, like so:

Hopefully you already have your app coded and tested, and ready to upload to the app store. Make sure you have the same Bundle ID in your Info.plist file and in the app record in iTunes Connect.

Go in your app’s details page and choose “Ready to Upload Binary” button.

Let’s upload the app bundle.

Uploading to the App Store with XCode 4

From the top-left drop down choose the Scheme you want to build and the iOS device (or if you have a device connected the name of the device will be displayed in the list)

Now from the menu choose “Product” and then “Archive…”

XCode will clean automatically the project and do a build:

then it will archive the application:

and when it’s finished the Organizer will pop-up (if it does not choose from the menu – “Window” then “Organizer”)

Now your application is archived – you can share the IPA with a beta tester, submit to the App Store, etc.

Let’s submit to the App store for review: Click on the “Submit…” button – a popup appears asking for your developer credentials (enter the same user and pass you usually use for iTunes connect):

Click “Next” and you will see 2 drop lists – the first shows you all your apps which are in state “Waiting for upload” – pick the app your are uploading right now, the second shows you all the available certificates to sign the IPA – choose your distribution certificate:

When you choose those two and click Next the upload process starts (yes, XCode 4 does everything for you inside the IDE):

When the upload finishes you get a confirmation that your app has been validated and there were no issues and it will be passed on for further review to the App Review team. And that’s all folks!

I must say the process using XCode 4 is much better than anything we had in the past and I personally like it very much. Good luck with your submits and if you liked the post share it and leave a comment.

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Marin Todorov is an independent iOS consultant and publisher with complimentary background in server and desktop development. He started developing on an Apple ][ more than 20 years ago and keeps rocking till today. Meanwhile he has worked in great companies like Monster Technologies and Native Instruments, has lived in 4 different countries, and (more recently) is one the founding memebers of the tutorial team. Besides crafting code, Marin also enjoys bloging, writing books, teaching and training others, and speaking at mobile conferences. He sometimes open sources his code. He walked the way to Santiago.



  1. Paul

    Hi there, once you submitted your app, how you now if it is approved or not?
    Greetings! great article!

  2. Marin

    Hey Paul,

    for me usually takes about a week to get in “In review” state and then about a day to get approved.
    Basically when your app gets approved (or rejected) you get an email from iTunes about app state change.
    If it’s approved the app is in state “Processing for App Store” for just a bit (few hours max) and then it’s live! Woohoo!

    best, Marin

  3. frankmail007

    Mine is always stuck in “Your application is being uploaded”. The progress bar is not moving at all. (My validating is successful).

  4. Marin

    If the app validates but the upload does not progress it sounds like something in your network would prevent Xcode from connection to iTunes … Maybe try the wifi in a friend’s house or look into your router’s config? That never happened to me actually

  5. Marin

    Hey Taylor,

    go to this page:
    You’ll have to register for the iOS Development Program, pay the annual 99$ subscription and fill in some details, but all in all is not hard. Good luck


  6. Uwe

    Currently I’m going nuts trying to figure out how this works in conjunction with MonoTouch. If someone knows an answer, I’m very happy :-)

  7. Aaron

    I have my application waiting to upload in iTunes Connect. I’m very new to all of this, and no website I could find could explain to me how to upload the project itself. I’m sure they are correct, I just don’t understand them! I know little terminology, and I am just so confused. If you could help me, that would be great.

  8. Marin

    I am sure there’s a load of sites with instructions on how to upload your app to iTunes Connect. This very post you commented takes you through the process step by step just give it a read, best Marin

  9. Marin

    Aaron, I think your problem is in Xcode’s installation if that happens. What I did was to delete all the beta versions from my hard-drive, download the 4.2 from Apple’s web site and make a clean install … I hope that helps, good luck

  10. Bojana Radovanovic


    I have a magazine and would like to publish it in app store like other magazines did.
    What should I do, I have an account on itunes but I need more info for creating and uploading process.

  11. Marin

    this articles covers normal apps … for a magazine app you should develop a newsstand application, and publishing is a bit different. There’s 2 excellent chapters on the topic in iOS5 By Tutorials by my co-author Steve :

  12. Devaski

    Yes, it keeps blank uploading. If Xcode is protected through firewall or ip protector like little snitch.

    Allow the connection from Xcode. It works.

  13. j238

    Thanks for the clear write-up.

    I went to the archive in the organizer and it was empty. Have to look into why that is.

  14. Mitko

    Добър ден ! Искам да си направя апликация и да я сложа в Appstore. Новак съм и не разбирам от правене на апликации, може ли да ми обясниш с кои програми се правят “качествените” апликации. Вторият ми въпрос е как може да се сложи Апликация в Аpple store, в смисъл трябва ли да се плаща дори и за добавяне и на безплатна апликация и също така дали може да се направи апликация на Windows XP ? Благодаря много, чакам отговор.. :)

  15. Marin

    iPhone applications are developed on an up to date mac, using the Xcode IDE (which comes for free from Apple) and the Objective-C language. You will have to be well versed in Objective-C if you are willing to release “quality” apps. To do app development you’ll need to enroll for the iOS developer program ( and have actual devices to test on (like an iPhone, iPad, etc)
    If you have no idea about programming / apple technologies here you can find a very detailed beginners guide to building several simple applications called “The iOS Apprentice Series” :

    Good luck!
    best, Marin

  16. Felipe Medeiros B.


    Great info. here.

    Could you give some info. or go a little deeper on how the contracts for your App work?

    Thanks, best regards.

  17. Sundeep

    Gr8 Article,But where can we provide those 4 screen shots of the app which are published with every app on the store??


  18. Kalmne


    I have published my app on last 12,Sep,2012
    On this date it is “Waiting to Upload”…
    and I am waiting to see if I get “In review” as Marin I will be waiting…then approved.


  19. Marin

    If your app status is “Waiting for upload” it means that you need to upload your app to iTunes connect as described in the article. When you do that than the status will be “Waiting for review”.

  20. kevin

    Hi I’m a newbie, just want to ask and make sure if it is possible to build a flash based app and upload it in the app store using windows. Is there any tutorial on how to upload it using windows? thanks

  21. Wing

    If Code Signing Error comes out, what should I do?

    >>>>>Code Sign error: No unexpired provisioning profiles found that contain any of the keychain’s signing certificates

    Please help me. Thanks.

  22. Jhany

    NEEED HELP….!!!!! I heard of some code signing or codesigning tht able us to download paid apps for widout jailbreak. Can pla any1 help plz plz

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