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I’m speaking at iOS devcon Berlin, come and join me! Last reminder

As I am enjoying conferences more and more, I will also be speaking at iOS devcon 2013 in Berlin. (My UIKonf gig’s slides you can find here)

This is last reminder for you guys if any of you are around – come and join me, the conf has 3 tracks and they are all pretty awesome. Also if you don’t speak German there’s always 1 session going on in English.

I’m having a session on Passbook and a half a day workshop on Cocos2d:

So this brings me to the topic of this post:

Looking for Passbook showcases

If ANY of you have worked/ launched / or know of a successful promotion or service based on Passbook, let me know. You can get your product featured in front of ~150 professionals at the iOS devcon in Berlin.

I am look for success stories like the one of Andrew Phillips – we got in touch after “iOS6 by Tutorials” came out and I helped him out to overcome some difficulties with Passbook, and now he has a business around delivering custom Passbook solutions (“it’s getting too busy” he says gladly)

I’m wrapping up with the Passbook presentation, but I’d love to feature few more showcases. Get in touch with me now

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  1. Andrew Phillips on Tuesday 21, 2013

    Thanks a lot for your great help ! ..
    Looking forward to seeing what’s new for Passbook with iOS7 ..


  2. Marin on Tuesday 21, 2013

    Hey Andrew! It’s a total mystery, man … Apple are more secretive than usual this year :) Let’s see …