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Installing 4.3 iPhone Simulator in Xcode 4.2 (iOS5 SDK)

After having used all the betas of Xcode 4.2 and the iOS5 SDK I faced several problems when finally I downloaded the official Xcode 4.2 from the App Store. I wanted to anyways get rid of Xcode 3.x, 4.1 and so on (I kept them all installed around my hard drive) so I deleted and installed a fresh copy of Xcode 4.2 (btw I’m very pleased with the progress Apple made on Xcode’s stability and feature list).

However a fresh install of Xcode 4.2 comes with only a 5.0 iPhone and iPad Simulator. Luckily you can now pretty easy install also older version of the SDK. Just follow the easy steps below:

1. Simulator 5.0 only, but how to test whether your app is compatible with iOS 4.3?

2. Aha!, click on “More Simulators…”

3. Click “Install” on the row where it says “iOS 4.3 Simulator”

4. After the 4.3 Simulator is downloaded you’ll most probably see this alert (if you have the Simulator app already running)

5. Immediately after the install is done have a look at the list of available schemes in your project and …

That’s all – you can now test in both iOS 5.0 and iOS 4.3

All in all it’s about safe to support only 5.x when there’s a 5.1 release, by that time usually enough people have upgraded their devices (not counting the jail breakers of course, they update when there’s the relevant jail-break, but they are less likely to buy your app anyway…)

That’s it for today, more iOS5 posts to come.

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  1. Dimitar Chakarov on Monday 31, 2011

    Thanks alot for that information – I was reluctant to upgrade my XCode for I was afraid I won’t be able to fully support iOS4.0. Now I know how :)


  2. Marin on Monday 31, 2011

    Dimitar – you can always have more than one version of Xcode on your mac, just install them in different folders. I always like to have the previous version, the current version, and the beta that is still not out yet – you just have to install them in separate places and have shortcuts to them

  3. Vlad on Monday 31, 2011

    I have used a wrong account (email) in the login dialog when trying to install iOS 4.3 Simulator. Now I see just a label with the wrong account in the Xcode->Preferences->Downloads->Components after every attempt. How can I change this login name (email)?

  4. Marin on Monday 31, 2011

    Hey Vlad, that never happened to me, but I guess if you install a fresh copy of Xcode would be ok (as a last resort of course)

  5. Vlad on Monday 31, 2011

    Marin, thanks for the reply. The dialog window looks like this (removed part of the email):


    And I need just to edit this field. It was editable just for the first time. No it is just a label.

  6. Binson on Monday 31, 2011

    thanks a lot for this info.

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  8. Mr.AD on Monday 31, 2011


    My Internet ‘s home is very slow. How can I download manually via web browser, copy to home and install later ?

    Thanks !

  9. Marin on Monday 31, 2011

    If there’s a way to do that, I can’t find it :) It looks to me like the answer to your question is no

  10. Ujtordai on Monday 31, 2011


    I installed the 4.3 emulator and it does not show on the emulator selector.
    What could the problem?
    I selected “Close application and install” because my iOS 5 emulator was opened.

  11. Marin on Monday 31, 2011

    hey – that’s pretty normal. if both your deployment target and base sdk in your build settings are set to 5.0 then the 4.3 simulator won’t show up in the list because your project don’t support that iOS version! Marin