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The best book out there for Self-published authors (and it’s from Guy Kawasaki)

Once in a while, besides programming, I also write on publishing, marketing and how to kick ass in general.

And cutting the middle-man has been on my list for several years now. I’m really excited on all the success we’ve had, me and the iOS tutorial team, by publishing and selling our own books. It feels so much better to work hard, have direct link to your readers, and cut the necessity of the middle-man.

Another awesome example I’d like to just shortly mention is the band Pomplamoose. They self-publish, self-edit and self-produce. And they are successful just because they are awesome, while keeping their independancy from studios and soul crushing contracts.

What’s wrong with present day publishing, then?

If you are a beginner author you have few different choices – most of them along the lines of writing a complete manuscript and mailing it to a number of publishers, followed by a painful, months long waiting period. Overflowing with “No, thank you”s postbox and constantly lowering self- esteem and dignity.

And please don’t ignore this, just because your book idea is great. Tim Ferris got denied by over 30 publishers for his first manuscript, but guess what – once he got published ALL of his books become #1 bestsellers. If that does not prove publishers are out of sync with reality I don’t know what would.

It is because most publishing houses are slow-heavy-dinosaurs of the past. Your book is scanned by the acquisition editor’s assistant (most probably unpaid intern with problems of the late teen age) and judged on spot with hundred other manuscripts. Tough luck :)

But if you get past the intern, past the acquisition editor, past a pitch, past the editing process and past the launch campaign, guess what :) You’ve made it! You’ve made it to, let’s say 13% of the profit (that’s far less than cover price, just fyi), the publisher makes on your book per copy. Sweet! (NOT!)

Let me write about APE.

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur

To be honest Guy send me one of his previous books – “Enchantment“, and I found it interesting, but could not really relate to the material.

APE” on the other hand is exactly what gets me excited! Authors Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch really deliver great material!

If you are in the process or even considering freeing yourself from the middle-man and writing a book, publishing a photo album, even writing song – APE is a must-read.

The books’s 3 separate parts will empower you in the following ways:


Educates you about the book market, makes you ask yourself questions not only about “how”, but also about “Why?”. Did the world need your book? Because if not, probably it won’t buy many copies. But that might be alright, if your aim to do it for fun, right? In any case – this chapter is a real eye-opener how to approach writing a book.


By self-publishing you’ll be competing with dinosaurs from the past like Barnes & Noble. But don’t worry, that’s not so scary.

You can achieve even better results than traditional publishers. You know why? You will most likely be working with better motivated, more talented people along the way.

Traditional publishers will employe on a full contract artists and editors, who are not really motivated to do less or more work towards your book. On the other hand as a self-publisher you will hire independant artists and editor, who will actually be motivated to satisfy you as their client and you could expect much better results and more attention to your product.

Of course by self-publishing you don’t have to understand self-made. Not at all. That’s where APE jumps in- it contains a TON of links to services,which will empower you, give you discount services for self- publishers, and more.

Even the list of online stores and conditions for self- publishers is priceless.

The book will educate you how to:

  • avoid self-made looks
  • get an awesome book cover
  • sell through online bookstores
  • sell by yourself
  • get audiobook version of your book !
  • print-on-demand

and more…


When you self-publish the process does not end by putting the final full-stop on the paper (or in present-day-terms, by saving your final and closing Word.)

You get to do many more than just writing a text.

You get to meet lots of people, enchant them and promote your work. You get to also give your book for free to many people. Why and how? hem … Guy tells you in this part.

And the best thing is when your book gets appreciated :) Many people would endorse you just because they love your book. For example here: http://www.touch-code-magazine.com/my-entrepreneurbloggerios-book-list/

In the end I need to write a short disclaimer as well.

The book is not a step-by-step “Publish your book in 24 hours” kind of thing. It contains a ton of information and a wide range of useful links and resources, but in the end it depends on you and you only, to comprehend all the info and put it to work for you.

All in all … APE is a great book and I do totally recommend it:


It’s a Kindle copy, but nowadays you get kindle software for your iPhone, iPad, iMac, and also for your PC (I hear.)

Cheers, Marin

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