The most extensive book on iOS5 yet
Do you fall asleeeep while reading Apple's developer documentation? Do you find the new Xcode Help browser - handicapped? Or you're just sick of asking about everything in Stackoverflow?

"iOS5 by tutorials" Second edition has been put together by several of the cream of the iOS developer community with this ONE purpose - to save you hours and hours of digging through sparse and incomplete docs and guide you by the hand into the hundreds of new APIs in iOS5

Now an extended second edition, which includes an updated source code fully compatible with iOS6. Includes iOS6 modern Obective-C syntax and iOS6 APIs.

What people say about the books of the iOS Tutorial Team:

"I bought this book last year and it's the single best resourse I have to help with my code." bondy1k

"When someone ask me about good iOS development resources... my answer for later this year: "Go to, do all the tutorials, buy the DAMN books and watch the official WWDC screencasts." Vinnie1991

"... can we pre-order?" cbearman

By the end of the book you will know and understand things like these:
  • ★  The new and fresh way to building app workflow by using *Storyboards!*
  • ★  You will learn how to forget everything you knew about memory management and master *ARC* instead
  • ★  You will know how to turn plain vanilla UIKit into a feast for the eyes UI
  • ★  Custom Calendars, Custom Albums, Particle Systems and whatnot!

So if you are eager to upgrade your apps with iOS5 APIs (and let me tell you - new features is what users dig - it's not old features) and you want to learn everything fast (and not spend life-hours digging through docs) - This book is definitely for YOU!

You will become iOS5 PRO in no time - and did you know using the latest APIs increases dramatically your chances of being featured in iTunes?

Here's how to get the "iOS5 by tutorials" e-book right away:

  1. Click on
  2. This will take you to the e-book sales page
  3. Click "Add to cart (PDF)" button on the right
  4. Fill in your info and proceed to checkout where you will get the book immediately!
  5. 5 minutes later you can start learning iOS5 by tutorials