UIEffectDesigner 0.1 beta
A lightweight Particle System Designer using QuartzCore.

Design visually particle effects and save the effects as files.

Open effects, edit them any time, show particle systems in your iPhone or OSX apps with 2 lines of code.

For a video tutorial on how to design particle effects check this article.
Fire up UIEffectDesigner and model your desired effect by adjusting the controls in the control window.

When you are happy with the effect click File/Save... and save the effect as [name_of_your_choice].ped.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

1) Add the .ped file to your Xcode project.

2) Add the QuartzCore.framework to your project.

3) Add to your project the UIEffectDesignerView class - download from here

4) Show the effect on the screen:

For iOS add in your ViewController code:
UIEffectDesignerView* effectView = [UIEffectDesignerView effectWithFile:@"[name_of_your_choice].ped"];
[self.view addSubview:effectView];
For OSX add to your AppDelegate code:
UIEffectDesignerView* effectView = [UIEffectDesignerView effectWithFile:@"[name_of_your_choice].ped"];
[self.window.contentView addSubview: effectView];

Complete example of using the UIEffectDesignerView for iOS and OSX you can find on GitHub here.
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Sample effects
Sample particle images
The image previews are scaled up for your convenience. Feel free to download and use in your effects.